Credit Transfer Policy

Credit Transfer Policy of North Western University

The following Credit Transfer Policy / Principle are being proposed for a student who intends to transfer from another University or equivalent institute in the world.

  1. Intending student will submit an application in the prescribed form along with such documents as an Original Incomplete Transcript of Academic Records from the previous University / Institution and a complete syllabus of the subject that are applied to be credited.
  2. A student to be admitted in to North Western University with Credit Transfer will be considered for admission on the basis of the result of admission test and courses completed at any other Public, Private University or equivalent Institute of the world.
  3. Credit will be transferable, provided that course work has been completed and is equivalent to that offered at North Western University
  4. A Course can be considered as a waiver course if the syllabus of the course of the student's previous University has a similarity of a maximum of 60% with the syllabus of North Western University.
  5. The grade of the waiver course credit should be at least B grade in any subject.
  6. Credit transfer / Course waiver may also be allowed in case of transfer from one academic program to another within North Western University on recommendation from the equivalent committee.
  7. A Maximum of sixty-five percent (65%) of completed Credit hours in a previous University for the intended program may be accepted.
  8. A Charge of Tk. 200/- (Taka two hundred only) per Credit Hour for Credit Transfer / waiver will have to be paid by the student concerned.
  9. A Certificate of Transfer / No Objection Certificate from a previous University / Institute is to be submitted at the time of Admission to NWU.
  10. Any Student who will transfer Credits from another University will not be eligible for the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor's Gold Medal of NWU.
  11. The details of Courses Transferred from other Universities will not be mentioned in the Transcript of this University, only the course code, the Course title, and Credit will be mentioned but a separate sheet will be provided with the Transcript of NWU where the accepted course, no and course title with credit of previous University / Institute will be mentioned.
  12. The Credits accepted as Transfer from other Universities will be subject to the approval of the Academic Council and Syndicate of North Western University.
  13. Credit accepted as a Transfer from another University will be counted towards the degree, except for the calculation of Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).