Profile of North Western University


The establishment of North Western University in Khulna, the third largest port city of the country, was indeed, a noble idea of some distinguished personalities. They placed a proposal for establishing North Western University to the Ministry of Education on 01 August 2010 and the Ministry issued permission on 18 November 2012. The University started its academic programs on 11 February 2013 and 440 students were enrolled in different disciplines at undergraduate programs that marked the beginning of the University.


The University is committed to develop human resources for both National and International Markets and eventually to create leaders of outstanding quality who will contribute to build a prosperous Bangladesh and help the process of modern globalization.


The Mission of North Western University is to serve diverse communities of learners who seek intellectually stimulating education to develop their life skills so that they can achieve their high academic and career oriented goals. The University, an exceptional place to study for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, strives hard to generate remarkable benefits for its students: potential life-changing situation, enhancement of professional competencies and a genuine academic environment for progressive thinking and idea sharing. The University recognizes that a wealth of learning experience occurs outside the classroom. Moreover, it promotes and inculcates ethical and moral values, and norms and high ideals. To epitomize, the essence of this university is rooted in its modern, intellectual and cultural tradition. It is inspired by the spirit of excellence and innovation in teaching to awaken and nourish the community of students with faith, zeal and service to society, self and the nation as well.


  1. To introduce need oriented and age-befitting subjects under various programs, modern and essential;
  2. To produce skilled and trained manpower who can amply contribute to the nation;
  3. To nurture highly professional fields of learning and essential branches of human knowledge and wisdom;
  4. To ensure dedication and commitment to the same communities of learners who seek individual, professional, spiritual and ethical development;
  5. To provide all modern facilities and a congenial atmosphere for learning and research;
  6. To establish links and networks with other institutions and organizations, where such partnerships can lead to intensive research and teaching;
  7. To explore the ways of intellectual pursuit, scientific success, technological achievement, liberal education, entrepreneurial and managerial scopes;

General Information

North Western University is a new thriving non-government university at Khulna. The academic activities of this University started in 2013 with both Bachelor and Master programs in 10 (ten) Departments. The 4 year Undergraduate program is spread over per academic year. The present intake of the students per academic year in a Department is 150 students in every semester. The class size may be increased in the interest of effective teaching and sound learning.

The University has a good number of fulltime teachers. The full time teachers are recruited through a rigorous process: written examination, class demonstration and Viva voce. Moreover, there are a number of part time (Adjunct) Faculties from Khulna University and Khulna University of Engineering and Technology and also from other large educational institutions and professional organizations.

The aim of this University is to impart to the students up-to-date knowledge of different branches of learning. Consequently, the undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered to the students have been designed considering the courses conducted in various reputed universities, keeping in the view the ever-expanding horizon of academic excellence in different programs.

Permanent (Own) Campus

The permanent campus of North Western University (NWU) will be constructed on the purchased land at Mouza Kholabaria, Thana Botiaghata under the District of Khulna. So far, NWU has already purchased 18 bighas of land and more land is under the process of purchasing.